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Guiding you through your job search experience

Secured an interview? Is your CV up to date? Relocating? Our guides will assist you in each of these areas.

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Here at Earthstaff, we are not just a job board. We are consultative partners who will help you through your whole job search experience.

The advice we have provided in our guide is to put you in the best position to secure your next role. Our tips on CV writing, interviews and moving countries should ensure you have not missed anything during your preparations.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”

Alexander Graham Bell


On the right hand side you will find our guides which we hope will come in handy during your job search.

Aside from interviews, CV and relocation, if there is anything else you need assistance with during your job search then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You are going through the process so your input can only help us to provide the best possible advice.

Interview Guides

Anyone who has applied for a job will have had to go through one or a series of interviews. The interview process will vary depending on which company you are interviewing with.

We have built up extensive knowledge and expertise into the interview process as we arrange countless interviews for individuals like you each month. As mentioned above, every company has a different way of doing things so the interviews will vary. This means that you shouldn’t solely rely on our guide.

At Earthstaff, we are not just a CV database for companies. We ensure that we understand the company you are interviewing for in order to put you in the best position to secure your next role.  

CV Guidelines

Your CV is vital in ensuring you give the a great first impression to your potential new employer. You need to be shown in your best possible light with your key achievements clearly outlined. Your CV will have to be tailored to the role you are applying for.

Being a contractor involves working for several companies over a short time frame. This makes it challenging to effectively communicate your duties, responsibilities and achievements of each role in a clear and concise manner. For Permanent employees, the challenge they face is to express all of their successes and how they progressed within that role. Both of these elements of each CV is vital and this guide will help you persuade your potential new employer that you are the right candidate for their business.

Your consultant at Earthstaff will be on hand to give you more detailed advice surrounding the specific company that you are interviewing for. Certain companies like CV’s to be formatted and presented in a particular way. We feel that these tips and advice included within this guide will give you the perfect starting point to create a positive first impression.


Earthstaff have significant experience in helping families relocate globally. At any given time we have over 20 families currently working through the pressures of relocating. Our role is not only to identify the right opportunity for you as well as support you through your decision but equally to ensure that, where possible, we provide you with the right level of support and information to make the move to a new location. Our view is that though contract is signed and resignation submitted the real work has only just started.

Through a mixture of both internal expertise & experience as well as access to external partners we are here every step of the way to facilitate your move abroad.  As such any question or problem – no matter how small -  please let us know and we will endeavour to try and help you find the answer. 

This document will give you an initial overview, however, please get in touch with your relevant consultant if you have any further question.

Best of luck with your new career!

Jack Shadwell.
Permanent Director 

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