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Global Oil & Gas Producer/Distributor


Our client is one the largest crude oil and natural gas producers in Europe. With our talented workforce of over 2,000 employees, they explore and produce oil and gas around the globe. Their activities span from Europe to the North Sea, the North African desert, regions in Russia and into South America.

How We Worked

The client was looking to hire a number of professionals at the base in mainland Europe and came to Earthstaff for assistance. As the company are one a the major players with the Oil and Gas space, we positioned them as an employer of choice. In order to resource these candidates quickly and ensuring they were what the company were looking for, we undertook a solutions driven approach. We were to deliver professionals with the skill sets that the client was looking for using our vast pool of candidates and with our referral network. After delivering a strong shortlist of candidates, we made our first placement with the business. The following months saw us replicate this success and make six placements in total.

Following on from our success, we were granted exclusively to work on a couple of Geophysics roles for the company. The roles were to be based in a different location to our initial placements.

With such a prestigious client, we wanted to work as close as possible to them. We assigned a single point of contact to the client who acted as account manager. This enabled the client to be able to reach us directly at all times of the day in case they needed to update us with any information. We also held a weekly conference call with their Hiring Manager, who kept us updated with things on their end and to assess our progress.

To ensure we knew the type of candidates the client were looking for we arranged to meet some current international employees. This gave us a detailed insight into the cultural dynamics of the company, allowing us to provide a better, more accurate service to the client. After this, we developed a client specific competency based screening process to guarantee we were supplying the perfect candidates to the client. We also were heavily involved with each of our candidates, guiding them through the whole recruitment process. This also involved helping candidates secure accommodation and educating them on local tax and labour laws.


Global Power Producer


Our client is one the world’s leading energy companies. Its  primary focus is deep drilling and is also a large power producer. The company’s core areas of oil and gas exploration and production lay in many parts of the North Sea.

How We Worked

Our client had two projects in which they needed assistance with filling roles. The first project was to place candidates in a newly opened office. The second project was to fill roles within an installation management team that the company wanted to implement across their offices in two separate locations.

We initially met with the hiring manager to discuss these projects. Not only did we want to find out what they look for in their employees, we also wanted to gain an understanding of the culture of their business. Shortly after these discussions, we quickly made our first placement by undertaking a proactive search for candidates using our High Performance Network. Following on from this placement, we were appointed as the exclusive head-hunter to fulfil their remaining requirements. To achieve this we took advantage of LinkedIn, we have a number of dedicated networks which contain over 4,500 professionals. We also utilised our specific referral programme to source the most highly sought professionals.

Eager to continue on our success, we wanted to further develop our relationship with the client. We made sure we kept in regular contact with the hiring managers and key decision makers in the business. We held phone calls with them twice a week to keep them informed on our progress and also to be keep abreast of any changes or developments on their end. We also made sure we met with our clients face-to-face. Over the course of six months, we made three separate visits to their offices in the three locations across Europe. These visits were key to understanding their business and to make sure we put forward the right candidates for their organisation.


Integrated Energy Company


Our client is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. Operating in more than 180 countries, their diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of approximately 57,000 employees.

How We Worked

The project came to light due to a consultant’s speculative phone call to a hiring manager at the company. He had picked up a lead hearing that there could be two potential projects in Africa. The manager confirmed that they were indeed planning to increase their total number of rigs in the area. This meant personnel would be needed for the newly built rigs. In total there were 25 vacancies that we were permitted to recruit for, a tall order, but a challenge that our consultants didn’t shy away from.

Immediately after finding out about the personnel requirements, we set out to identify and target the most suitable sought after professionals in the industry utilising our:

  • High Performance Network
  • Exclusive LinkedIn Groups (via engagement, not job positing with over 4,500 professionals)
  • Specific referral programme
  • LCM (Lifestyle, Career, Motivation) approach

We made sure we spoke to the hiring managers every day, talking to them about prospective candidates, guiding them through the process. We also ensured that we made a visit to their headquarters over in North America. We wanted to build a relationship and thus make one of the worlds biggest companies, place ourselves as a supplier of choice.


International Oil & Gas Operator


Our relationship started when the Hiring Manager got in touch with us looking for an Exploration Manager. They had been struggling to find one themselves local to them, so they decided they needed to expand their reach and utilise a recruitment firm to help them with their requirements.. The client stressed to us that they needed a candidate found very quickly as they were needed on a project they were about to launch in North Africa.

How We Worked

First and foremost, our team ensured they spoke directly to the Line Manager to understand the role of the Exploration Manager and what experience was needed to perform the role successfully. We knew that we weren’t likely to be the only recruitment firm the client approached, so were conscious to act fast and act smart and ensured our team dedicated the majority of their resources in order to help our client.

Using our extensive global network, we were able to send over nine suitable candidates to our client within 24 hours. Six of these were called for interviews which were to be held via Skype at the end of the same week. Our client was very impressed with one of the candidates and was subsequently hired. The candidate in question has worked with us before and our Subsurface team had developed a strong relationship with them, this highlights the fact we stay close to our candidates.

Before the candidate started their contract in North Africa, one of our team met him for a coffee in London to help with any queries that the soon to be Exploration Manager had. We also arranged for the candidate to come in and meet our Subsurface team and give them a presentation on the industry. We felt this would be a fantastic opportunity for the group top obtain valuable insight into the industry which could be put to future use.

The main challenges we face when trying to find the perfect candidate was the fact that the role was located in North Africa. Presently the political situation has not been particularly stable following the Arab Spring so understandably potential candidates have reservations about relocating there. The candidate we found had worked in North Africa for 10 years so had no problems with moving to the area despite the political uncertainty..

Leading Construction & Engineering Company


Our client is a leading engineering, procurement, construction and installation company focused on executing complex offshore oil and gas projects worldwide. Operating in more than 20 countries across the Atlantic, Middle East and Asia Pacific, The company employs in excess of 13,500 employees and has a diversified fleet of marine vessels, fabrication facilities and engineering offices. 

How We Worked

In January 2013,  we finalised a framework agreement with the client to supply contractors to their Caspian and Middle East operations. Before we began any work on filling any requirements, we wanted to get to know them as a business, how they operate and understand their culture. As several of their operations are in very remote locations, visiting their various bases would prove to be too difficult. However, we arranged and held several phone conferences with the Project Managers and HR Managers to ensure that we understood how the company would want us to work with them in their different offices.

Two placements were made shortly after the recruitment contract was agreed, with both candidates starting work on one of our client’s offshore projects in Azerbaijan during February 2013.

Our client contacted us in July this year with four urgent requirements for offshore engineers on their PLB and DSV. Within 2 weeks we resourced and secured the four contractors for them. We also coordinated their rotations, visas and on-boarding, they are being mobilised in time for the vessel docking. This speed of process and our meticulous attention to detail and organisation certainly impressed the hiring managers and we received commitment from them to give us exclusivity on their future requirements. 


Major Drilling Operator


Throughout 2011/12, Our client were looking to hire a number of Senior Drilling Engineers, Drilling Managers and Senior Drilling Supervisors in a number of locations around the world.  In total there were ten vacancies which we had to recruit for.  We then immediately set to work identifying suitable individuals and organised a follow up 48 hours later. 

How We Worked

During that period we undertook a proactive search for the candidates using our:

  • High Performance Network
  • Exclusive LinkedIn Groups (via engagement, not job posting with over 4,500 professionals)
  • Specific referral programme
  • LCM (Lifestyle, Career, Motivation) approach 

Although we adopted a process driven approach around, the delivery of CVs (in terms of numbers and skillsets); scheduled telephone calls; tailored job adverts we also wanted to be solutions driven by getting to truly know the business.

The contract world can be a fast-moving environment and many recruiters often get certain roles and look to fill them without taking the time to find out about the culture and experience of the business. With Earthstaff being centrally located in London, we were determined to go the extra mile to place ourselves as this company’s supplier of choice. We broke up this approach to scope the locations, management and differing cultures. Initially, our Account Manager met the Regional Manager of the firm who was impressed and commented on the “different approach” and we made our first placement with the business.

This first placement kicked off our determination to make this client a key account and we travelled out to their Headquarters to meet the team there and then went on a fact-finding trip to one of their fields to understand the biggest up-and-coming project they had going on. By doing what other recruiters were not prepared to do and visiting as many business units as possible, we were able to create real synergy in the business.


Subsea Engineering Company


As one of the biggest pipeline and subsea engineering and management contractors in the world, Our client is a truly global business with over 1,300 professionals working for them.  In 2012, their office was hiring 15 professionals across a range of skills and opened up the process to a number of recruiters.

How We Worked

As part of Earthstaff’s hiring strategy, we don’t stamp the ‘British Way’ of recruiting on our international clients -  we hire people with local knowledge and language expertise and commit to understand how our clients want to partner with their suppliers.  With this company, this resulted in us drawing up a specific service level agreement which committed to the following:

  • Applying successfully to become an Achilles (to ensure quality) registered supplier
  • Four face-to-face client visits throughout the 12 month period
  • Exclusive access to our High Performance Network of professionals
  • Actively promoted our client as an Employer of Choice across our business

At one stage of this client’s recruitment drive they had brought up an existing issue of candidate retention and we were the only recruiter to suggest an appraisal of existing recruitment processes and flew out to the offices to sit with the line managers and HR to discuss how best to meet their hiring objectives.  

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